Freedom is born from within!
Spiritual realism is the key!

Love One Another !!!


That is the motto and clarion call of Sensitive / Mystic and Medium Bryan Boyle.

Bryan has been sharing his natural mystical abilities since his childhood; when at the age of six he experienced a solid divine vision, which he explains as unconditional and ineffable LOVE... And life changing to the core.

Bryan when leaving school worked for a short time in varied local work enviroments, always feeling internally that this type of work was not his life purpose. Bryan attended college studying marketing, communication and in part the media genre. Yet again always feeling drawn and guided to his spiritual and psychic thoughts and always having a subtle frustrating push towards his spiritual and psychic abilities, Bryan felt he had no other choice than to explore and chose to bring forward his spiritual sensitivities and psychic feelings and thoughts, that in truth he could not ignore any longer.

However, For many years prior Bryan tried to keep at bay his innate spiritual and psychic abilities that was very apparent  since his childhood. A few years later in his teenage years he began writing profound lyrics and poetry with a esoteric and mystical twist and playing guitar. This then led to getting involved in the late seventies band scene, also becoming songwriter and poet. Bryan's poetic and most times profound spiritual lyrical writing and prose, came from a inner place that he calls..." The waterfall of my soul."

He was later to write a philosophical treatise M.S entitled "The Echo Of Eternity"

Bryan saw this as a creative  outlet for what he "thought" would stem the flow of this spiritual force. However, the more he got involved in his musical passion and read the profound lyrics of the likes of Bob Dylan and the bands and songwriters of the late sixties and seventies which for some reason he seemed to be guided to, it seemed to drive his spiritual and psychic side into overdrive. In his late teens it was obvious that his innate psychic and creative abilities wanted more and more to express its self and so he decided to study himself and life, and all he could concerning the spiritual and mystical side of life with the intention of being of serivce to others.

Bryan has been involved with the spiritual, mystical and paranormal genre ever since.

Bryans spiritual insight and extra-ordinary knowledge and abilities are rare to say the least. Bryan's candid, modern and humorous approach to the genre of the physically unseen realms of existence has brought him regard and appreciation from many people with different viewpoints. Bryan has worked with people from all over the world via world wide Internet links and through liaison with many different kinds of people in many different places. He also has worked with many media outlets such as newspapers, national radio in the UK and abroad including the U.S.A.

Bryan's abilities are greatly respected and have been validated from many who have witnessed his abilities and knowledge, including other public figures, celebrities and other well known sensitives and mediums who he continues to be involved alongside on as many events when possible.

Bryan also holds a document of thanks from Royalty.

"Keep an open mind and let your own inner self and mind power set you free. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around."

Bryan likes to point out that all are entitled to his/her own opinions and thoughts on spirit communication and all spiritual thoughts. He also advocates healthy skepticism on all matters spiritual and metaphysical and will endorse everyones choice of belief system and free will.

"My intention is to help promote the truth of the reality of a spiritual dimension that one day we will all experience regardless of color, creed, levels of wealth, religious denomination or political nomination. We are one."

Bryan's mediumistic and psychic abilities are Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and also Clairaudient. He is also a Reiki master, writer and also is a published author of spiritual poetry. Bryan also facilitates seminars and workshops where he teaches esoteric and meta-physical knowledge. Further he also teaches meditation and visualization techniques which he likes to stress are very different disciplines, as well as psychic and mediumistic development. However he feels his work, as a spiritual life advisor is his most important part of his work, teaching others the realization of self-awareness and life enhancement techniques. Bryan has worked with many media outlets including the press and live radio broadcasts, and has impacted many more lives over the World Wide Web.

Bryan has used all these abilities and knowledge in many avenues including hauntings, personal readings, visiting ancient historic sites and buildings many times on paranormal events and investigations all over the United Kingdom. He has also on occasion found missing people and has been asked to utilize his abilities within the field of psychic detective work.

Bryan also worked with the Spirit Aid Team, a charitable organization and festival of peace, to help raise awareness and charitable aid for under privileged children around the globe and in war torn countries.Further Bryan has been involved with and continues to support several charitable organisations namely The Anthony Nolan Trust, The Macmillan Trust, Spirit Aid and Enable Scotland. 

Bryan is only available at this time after consideration of his personal circumstances and all attempted consultations and advice given is of a higher spiritual intention and nature for healing and the benefit of Bryan's intention is to be of service from and to the divine guidance " and not only earthly consideration."

If you have a enquiry about Bryan or his availability and mystical passion for the mystic realms Please click the  " Contact  "  link at the bottom of all pages.

Many Blessings

"May Your Higher Power Always Be with You "

Life is a mystery...

The Enigma just IS !!!

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