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Q: When you do readings for people where does the source of your information come from -- guides, angels, etc?

BB: The information can take many forms like images in the mind, words, sentences, names, addresses, moving pictures like at the movies. Sometimes there are symbolic images that have to be worked out to find the meaning and this information can come from different sources because mediumistic connections are different from psychic connections although they all work on a energy vibration. It’s a linking of energies. The psychic energies can come directly from the sitter, their aura or surrounding enviroment but can also be through spiritrual guidance or spiritual beings. Meduimistic connections and energies link in from the direct contact of spiritual energies (people who have past over). This can be personal guides but I seem personally to get direct contact from the spirit people themselves who are trying to connect with their family friends or colleagues. This can be in thought for as above or solid manifestation or a smell or taste or audibly heard.


Q: Regardless of the source, how would you describe the way they feel and what kind of space they come from?

BB: they feel as they would feel when on the earth they hold there same personality and nature although i do believe they do work on there spiritual progression over there. i questions also asks what kind of space they come from well it’s not so much space as a place that is of lighter vibration feeling etc it is a world of thought of consciousness they exist as energy beings instead of having a physical body to carry around they are free of such a body as the physical and the place they exist is the same just as our world is a physical reality and we have physical bodies they have a spiritual body that co exists with a spiritual environment place created by a more pure consciousness and awareness that is not slowed down by gravity etc.


Q: Is it possible for “guides” of negative energy or lower vibrational energy to come through?

BB:If you mean negative people who have lived on the earth and passed over, yes very much so. Until any spiritual being evolves spiritually, with that I mean individually becomes a more self aware entity, they will not progress in the many other levels of spiritual existence. They will hold their same personality until they do but have the same opportunity to connect as any other spiritual being. Also I do not believe there is such a thing as negative guidance or guide. Guides work on a very high positive vibration of creative potential in order to help the creative force in many and all ways. However I do believe there are negative spiritual energies that have tried to manipulate people. These entities seem most likely to choose the weak or low vibrational people like drug addicts, alcoholics or people who choose chemical abuse or, in some cases, people who, through no fault of their own, are suffering painful experiences like trauma, etc. They can be weakened in mind and aura and this can be a way to be influenced but very rarely I would suggest this happens.


Q: Is there a way to prevent or block lower type entities from coming through?

BB: If in the unlikely event of this happening it would help to live your life in a positive environment and most importantly a positive frame of mind and thoughts. Also there are many kinds of self protection an individual can use. My personal favorite might be to relax and say a prayer of positive intention for the higher good of all concerned and to whatever positive source you believed in. Then ask and visualize a cloak of golden protection around you and ask for the highest positive divine protection on all levels only letting that of positive and creative energy to come within your personnel being and environment.


Q: How will I be able to distinguish the difference between high vibrational guidance and low vibrational guidance?

BB: All vibrations are resonating energies and can be felt. We have a simple built-in intuitive system that is basically our survival tool. Since the beginning of time, humans have been alerted by this intuitive survival mode of feeling and so it is basically the same as if you are around negative people on earth. You will get a feeling and move away and also if you are on a positive feeling around someone then you want them to stay so the answer is through feeling intuitive, natural feelings but this also can be practiced. Many intuitive sensitive people read on feelings alone.

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