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Q: When did you first discover you had psychic abilities?

BB: I first discovered I had psychic and mediumistic abilities at the age of six years old. However I obviously not realizing exactly what this meant at the time. It was later around my teenage years that things akin to what is known as mediumistic and psychic energies began to unfold more in my life.

 Q: How is a medium different from a psychic?

BB: Not all psychics are mediums… however all mediums are psychic. Mediums can take things a step further and make contact with the spirit people. I say people as that is how I see them. This can be relatives or friends or, in fact, anyone that the sitter can relate to in the wide circle of their life. So the medium can, when needed, contact spiritual beings/people of many avenues of the person they are reading for. A psychic is someone who can pick up information from the aura or environment of the person they are reading. This information can be past, present or future concerning the living person's life.

Q: Do you see spirits?

BB: Yes when appropriate to the reading and sitter. I can see hear and feel spirit people.

Q. What do you experience when a spirit is trying to communicate with you?

BB: I feel a change in temperature and like a shadow feeling close to me and then images or words and symbols etc. enter my consciousness.

Q. Does everyone have spirit guides?

BB: Yes. Everyone has spiritual guidance from the moment they are conceived into the material realm.

Q. Can anyone learn to communicate with the Spirit world?  

BB: Yes, but my belief is that some are born naturally akin to the spirit energies. However everyone has an intuitive part to them that can be developed over time but many will communicate on different levels of awareness.

Q. How do I connect with my guides?

BB: There are many avenues to contacting your guides. The one I would say works best is meditation and becoming involved with a spiritual oriented groups where you can be involved in the development of your intuitive senses.

Q. What is a reading and what should I expect?

BB: A reading can take many forms, however many psychics and mediums work differently. The intention is the same, which is to validate information that can HELP and HEAL the living. So a reading is a collection of information that is channelled to and through the medium that the sitter knows the psychic or medium could not know before contact. You should expect the medium to be courteous and positive at all times. Their intention should always be working to help not hinder in any way. They should not ask for prior information. Always go with an open mind and be open to the process as not every attempt at gaining information or contacting the spirit world happens every time. The psychic or medium can only pass on what information they receive. Sometimes this is like if you where to call or visit a friend and they felt they did not want to answer for reasons unknown this can also be the reactions of the spirit world. However this does not occur very often but can happen. 

Q: When you do readings for people where does the source of your information come from, Guides, Angels, etc?

BB: The information can take many forms like images in the mind, words, sentences, names, addresses, moving pictures (like at the movies). Sometimes there are symbolic images that have to be worked out to find the meaning. This information can come from different sources because mediumistic connections are different than psychic connections, although they all work on a energy vibration. It's a linking of energies. The psychic energies can come directly from the sitter - their aura or surrounding environment but also can be through spiritual guidance or spiritual beings. Mediumistic connections and energies link in from the direct contact of spiritual energies (people who have passed over). This can be personal guides but I seem personally to get direct contact from the spirit people themselves who are trying to connect with their family, friends, or colleagues. This can be in thought or solid manifestation, a smell, taste or something audibly heard.

Q: How do I know that the information I get in a reading is coming from a higher source (i.e. angels, spirit guides) vs. a lower vibrational entity or evil spirit so I will know to trust the guidance I receive?

BB: My best advice would be to realize that when dealing with people here on the earth plane we intuitively know who, what and where is positive for us as individuals. Our intuition and aura and spiritual guides allow us to feel what is positive for us in our time in the school of life, and so it is with contact with the spirit realms. If it does not feel intuitively correct for you as a individual then have no dealing with these energies or thoughts. Basically you will intuitively know what are positive energies and what are not, the same way as you do with people living. This trust and intuitive ability to feel what is positive for you will grow stronger with development and inner honesty. However when a novice, be aware always of the ego wanting to you to believe what you are connecting with out of desire rather than steady genuine development.

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