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Paranormal Events

 Bryan continues as a guest medium for many of the top paranormal companies and charities in Britain, using his abilities alongside many of the other well known stars of the stage and screen and celebrity mediums and sensitives  in the UK.   

Bryan also continues to advise other well known faces and others from all walks of life from the UK and around the world in a spiritual awareness capacity and self awareness consultancy approach when asked to do so.

 Bryan's abilities and mystic knowledge are highly regarded and respected for his accuracy.

 Bryan has visited many of  the top paranormal locations as seen on television in the UK.

Bryan's candid, humorous and modern approach to these paranormal events has given many a great experience of psychic and mediumistic  ability and knowledge and also great fun and  laughter on there paranormal event experience.

Bryan has a great passion to help as many people and charities as possible and continues to assist all charitable causes when he can. Bryan has been involved with the charities The Anthony Nolan Trust, The Macmillan Trust, Spirit Aid and Enable Scotland.

Bryan said "It is my hope that my efforts and abilities can open up even further the potential for all charities and paranormal companies and groups to step forward and realize the great opportunity that these paranormal events can have in having a great potential for aiding and raising much needed funds for many people, not just in the Uk, but also around the world. There are many many people who desperately need many different kinds of aid and help in sometimes desperate situations and circumstances. Paranormal events  can  also  continue to expand the knowledge we already have over centuries of scientific, mathmatical and mystical practice  and benefit all who have a genuine passion for the paranormal and future generations and the unseen realms of existence. If we can marry together the scientific and the spiritual based knowledge and understandings of all viewpoints, bringing a  new understanding and willingness to listen to each and everyones believes, that in its self can enrich our lives and bring a new found education and knoweldge and also personal faith to our lives and a new and deeper understanding of life and the Universes. "

Below you can read one of Bryan's Paranormal Interviews  

Silent Voices Magazine - One Of Bryan's Interview's for The Media Related Genre
Interview conducted by Sharon Barr for Silent Voices © Sharon Barr

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