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  • Johnnie Fiori - The multi-talented Johnnie Fiori - Sensitive, Singer / Songwriter & Actress and Star of Hairspray the Musical, Living With The Dead & Most Haunted.
  • Ian lawman - The Psychic Bad Boy - Star of Living With The Dead, Most Haunted & I'm Famous and Frightened and more.
  • Derek Acorah - Star of Most Haunted, Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns The Three Mediums Live and more.
  • Gordon Smith - The Psychic Barber
  • Colin Fry - Of TV's Sixth Sense Fame,The Three Mediums Live and more.

  • Tony Stockwell - of TV�s psychic school and street psychic and more.
  • Our Strange World - Scientist takes on the Psychic
  • John Edward - the fresh American psychic and medium of Crossing Over
  • David Wells - Astrologer,Teacher & writer and Star Psychic Medium of Most Haunted
  • Matthew Manning - World Renowned Healer & Teacher

  • The Illusion - New website dedicated to the understanding of and application of The Creative Force Consiousness & Universal Shift Wisdom

  • The Book Of Secrets ...Deepak Chopra (Rider)

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success ...Deepak Chopra (Bantam)
  • How To Know God ... Deepak Chopra (Rider)
  • Thresholds Of The Mind�Bill Harris (Centerpointe Press)
  • The Enneagram: A Journey Of Self Discovery (Dimension Books)
  • Jesus The Master Builder�(Floris Books)
  • The Gospel Of Jesus: In search of his original teachings... John Davidson (Element)
  • Chakra & Kundalini Workbook... Dr John Mumford (Llewellyn Publications)
  • Spirit Messenger�Gordon Smith (Hay House)
  • Contacting The Spirit World�Linda Williamson (Piatikus)
  • Embracing Eternity�Tony Stockwell (Hodder Mobius)
  • The Power of Kabballah�Yahuda Berg (Hodder Mobius)
  • Self Help For Your Nerves� Dr Claire Weekes (Thorsons)

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