Bryan will always consider availability for all events, public & private or corporate events.
Also speaking conferences and all charitable events
Teaching -self-awareness seminars and psychic development workshops are also entertained.
Bryan is available for all avenues of Media involvement.


  Bryan always greatly values all enquiries.


This is an outline of the psychic and mediumistic work and the procedures that Bryan follows and the information Bryan attempts to gain and deliver in his psychic and mediumistic consultations.

At all times Bryan delivers the information with the highest intention and positive regard for all concerned. He works always from his higher self and higher heart intention. He likes to insure that everyone understands that he can only give what enters his consciousness, thus the term “medium“, the middleman, or, as Bryan jokingly says, "it is akin to being like a Universal postman."

The content or type of information of course cannot be controlled by Bryan as he can only pass on what the spiritual links and guidance passes to him as a channel for the said information. This information can come in clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient ways. The information received and given can be from the past present and future, which includes sentences or single words, phrases, images and also moving visions. Also, when needed, Bryan will be aware of solid spiritual and astral beings who when they wish or feel they need come forward will do so.

As a sensitive, Bryan also senses and remote views areas or places connected with the sitting individual or spiritual people involved, also he receives symbolic images and symbols and also names and on many occasions (full names) addresses and signs and signals all akin with the individuals involved.

The information can cover any area of life in a material, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual way. Please be open to the process and allow yourself to grow and be more aware of the energies involved both from spiritual sources and guidance involved.

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