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I would like to thank everyone who has kindly taken the time to write the many endorsements and testimonials I have recieved. It is a very humbling and very much appreciated.

However, I would like to thank all who have come into my pathway and work, as I feel it is them who has given me the greatest GIFT. This gift is simply that these people have given me the chance to LOVE.

May your Higher Power - Creative Source  Be With You All

Bryan Boyle


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Endorsements Below

Bryan is an amazingly gifted man and great friend. If there is ever any spirit trouble I will send him in first. Johnnie Fiori - TV.Sensitive /Singer / Songwriter & Actress

A Special Thank You: The Princess of Wales has asked me to thank you for your letter. Her Royal Highness much appreciated the trouble you took to write and send the book you kindly enclosed. The Princess of Wales has asked me to send you her sincere thanks and best wishes.Yours Sincerely ~ M. A. Stevens

A very compassionate, sensitive and gentle man. I am honoured to call a friend, a strong empath and sensitive, who goes beyond the call of duty to help others. - Lucy Serdecki. - England UK.

Brilliant Medium and what a nice guy.- Clare Farry. England,UK

A great guy, a pleasure to call a friend,comical and uplifting and very good at what he does !!!
Kerry Dugmore - London England

A smashing guy and brilliant at what he does. - John Deakin.England,UK.

A nightmarish ordeal that began with the abduction of my daughter fortunately had a happy ending thanks to the profound and accurate information Bryan provided regarding her whereabouts. I had contacted him by email explaining the situation and he immediately responded with the name of a place to begin looking for her. He was baffled as to why he would get this name as it seemed to be disassociated with any logical area to look for her. What he didn't realize and couldn't possibly have known is that the name of the place he gave was one of my daughter's favorite places to go when she wanted to think, regroup, etc. So I knew without a doubt that he was correct.He also named the specific peak in the mountains where she was later found. (No way of him knowing these things considering he was at least 6,000 miles away and had never been to the U.S. ) Further, the area is many miles of remote terrain. Using his psychic and mediumistic abilities he was able to pinpoint within two miles of her exact location and also where her car was found abandoned. He was also able to remote view her and see specific details regarding her surroundings, and received information regarding missing personal items. Police were able to locate my daughter using the information I had received from Bryan and had passed on to them. (Dated copies of emails, etc… are available to verify events as they unfolded). The information Bryan provided was key in the safe return of my daughter. I am blessed beyond measure and can't express enough thanks or gratitude to him for all of his assistance. Thanks again and God Bless you Bryan! ~ CW- USA

I have known Bryan for ten years. In that time I have had some amazing readings, friendship, wisdom, and understandings with Bryan on different levels of life - spirituality, history, mystery, and ordinary matters like his beloved Rangers versus my beloved Celtic! I have known Bryan to be a tireless worker at the risk of his own well being in order to get his truth and psychic gifts out to people. He never fails to hit the mark in his insight and I cannot recommend him highly enough because he is a man of integrity, of vulnerability, of strength, compassion and of wise counsel. His guidance is often straight to the point and the evidence of it either is there when you most need it and is also confirmed when weeks later the truth about it becomes clear. Any scepticism of Bryan won’t last long because he is the genuine article and his commitment and intentions are of the highest nature. If only he would change his football team he would be well nigh perfect. Ah but we can't have everything can we! Best Wishes on your new website and all power to your work! ~ Gerry Rogers. Edinburgh, Scotland

Thank goodness, finally you have created this website. Bryan, your talent and deep knowledge of life should not go to waste. You have a very special ability, and through our many long conversations, you opened up my mind to reveal the vast universe that is ever constant, within us all, thank you. Fab website, well done. ~ Kinross, Fife, Scotland

"Then Bryan turned round to me. "And I'm getting something about you too," he said. He stood back slightly. "I sense a drawing board...an architects desk, something on those lines," Bryan told me. 'There's a big distance between you and it though," he said. "Well my brother is a designer in Brazil," I replied, aware that I was looking at him strangely. He said that I hadn't heard from brother Pete in a while, which is true. He also said that he could see him working very hard, taking his specs off to rub his eyes. This is very likely. Bryan said that I would see or hear from him in two or three weeks. This is also likely with his wife, Debbie, expecting their second child on October 15. And when Bryan said he could picture my brother fixing the pipes under a sink, I told him that Pete did his apprenticeship as a pipe fitter. Bryan was pleased with his findings. I, on the other hand, didn't know what to think. ­ We drove back to Bathgate, and’ I was dropped off at the office. "Nice to meet you,"-I said to Bryan. "Nice to meet you too, Alison," was the~ reply. ­ "I'll be thinking of you." "Not too much I hope," I said before crossing the road, a little humoured, a little baffled, and more than a wee bit slightly vibed out. " - Excerpt from reporter Alison Campsie - West Lothian Courier.

Hi Bryan.  I wanted to send this note to thank you for the readings I have received from you.   The information that came through you was extremely helpful, and amazingly accurate and detailed.  Bryan, you are very modest and humble regarding your gift but I want you to know that I can honestly say your readings have by far been the most accurate of any readings I have gotten from various psychics I have been to in the past.  I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking to expand self awareness, self empowerment and higher life purpose.  Thank you so much for being an inspiration and blessing in my life. ~ CW, Austin, Texas

Dear Bryan, I write with reference to the "wonderful reading" you gave me last year. I was amazed at the accuracy to detail when describing my house and surrounding area, which was relevant to a particular incident, that took place. As you have never been to my house or seen photos, you could not have possibly known the fine detail you described to me. The dates and names you gave to me where extremely accurate.

My reading was "different" because I was not looking for the usual general money, love, predictions given to most. I was looking for an insight into what my problems through my life have been, and the direction to take my life. You have helped me understand my inner self and to develop with the understanding and knowledge previously lacking. My life in general is more positive through meeting you and having the type of reading received from you.Once again many thanks.
Yours Faithfully ~ J.Webster

Dear Bryan, I am writing to you regarding our recent acquaintance. I would like to express my gratitude for the valued time that you spent with me, and the comfort that your exceptional insight into the spiritual world brought me. Your psychic ability impressed me immensely, and I was somewhat overwhelmed by the accuracy of your detailed descriptions of my "deceased" relatives whom you consulted in my presence.

The variety of information you divulged to me left me in know doubt that you are an extremely talented individual. Furthermore everything else you told me regarding myself was precise. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again and wish you well. You have been blessed with a special gift and I urge you to continue in using your talents to the full and bringing comfort to others. God Bless. Yours Sincerely ~ L Crawford


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